How to add your offers to Server Hunter

Thank you for your interest in Server Hunter. We make it as easy as possible for you to be listed on our website, just select an option below.

What do we do?

As you might have experienced in the past, finding a new server provider is very painful - there is no real website listing all the options. This is what we're going to change. We're going to collect all offers from all server providers around the world and turn it into an easily searchable database, and then forward those people straight to your website to place an order. To take a look what we've done so far, just take a look at our "find a server" page.


We're here for you. Feel free to use our contact form, open a support ticket or send us a message via our Twitter or Facebook.

Let us manage your offers

If you just want us to index your website and nothing else, submit your website through the form below.

Submit your company

Manage your offers yourself

This option is best if you want to sign up for an account and add your offers to our website yourself.

1. Sign up for an account

Go to our manage offers page, enter your email address and desired password, then click "Sign up". You will receive an e-mail containing a link to activate your account.

2. Add your company

After activating your account, you can login into your account and add your company. We will ask you for some routine verification to make sure you own the company, but you can skip this step for now if you wish.

3. Manage your company

After adding your company, click manage next to your company and click Add offer. If you have a lot of offers to add, we recommend you set defaults first to avoid having to input duplicate information. Alternatively, you can use import to upload a CSV file and quickly add hundreds of offers at once.

4. Add your offer

Fill out all the information that our website needs to add your servers to our website. Once your company is verified, your servers will show up on our website within 60 seconds.

5. Import your offers (optional)

If you have a lot of offers to add, we recommend using our import feature. You can upload a CSV file containing all the info and our website will automatically validate and add all your offers.

We have an example CSV and example Google Sheet available for your convenience.

Just provide us with the provider name and website and we'll add it to our queue.

Success: Provider has been added to the queue, thanks!

Optional: any comments in regards to this provider or their website.

Optional: we will send you an e-mail when this provider has been added.